Cast of Characters

Husband-cat (or the Hub) Wants only that I acknowledge his awesomeness at all times and I that I never figure out anything remotely involving engineering or process-oriented faster than him.
Baby Skullhead (otherwise known as Baby X). My precious parasite.

She Who Must Be Obeyed/Mandy. Bad temper in fur form.
Mother Magoo & Aunt Macguff Cornerstones of our family. Which means our family is founded on stubborn and crazy. Live by their own logic. Special, special logic.

Eeyore: Husband-cat's best friend and my close friend. Loves to see the glass half empty, so I torment him with positivity and cheerfulness when at all possible. Too smart for his own good.

The Crew/Drama Queens
They take drama and craziness to the next level (someone has to). I'll introduce them more as I progress, but for now just know they are out there… being chaotic and fabulous. So far you've met:

Cece: mad cooking and baking (there is a difference!) genius.

JR: down-to-earth, but fills her days with so many jobs & tasks, it costs her time to sleep.


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