Thursday, November 7, 2013

Educating the elderly. Namely, me.

One of the drawbacks benefits of having an engineer husband and friends in their 20s is that I get updated on internet memes and obsessions. I like a lot of things that are not typical for late-30s age bracket so I don't usually feel the tide of time washing over me as keenly as I do after exposure to even one meme.

Case in point. The weird, absurdist fox song that has been watched 200 million times on youtube.

What the hall just happened? I laughed but also felt about 200 million years old after watching it.

This being the West Coast, people reference this video out in the real world all the damn time. I've had baristas make fox jokes to me and I try not to sigh.

The only antidote has been the mainstream parody (can you parody that song?) version Saturday Night Live did with Kerry Washington. (Star of my favorite gonzo guilty pleasure Scandal where hot politicos do terrible things.)


May you all feel as aged then redeemed as I did after watching these videos back to back.

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  1. My kid came back from our Y visit telling me something about watching this on another kids I thinger. And so this morning, He said yeah, that's the one. So now I'm infected and way older than you I might add. But I love it. I am amused and that's really all that matters. If Mama's laughing, it's all good.
    Love Ya' Sis,

    1. So you're saying the cool factor swings back around the older I get? Okay, that is awesome. Love that you loved it!


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