Thursday, October 17, 2013

Weekly faces #30

Good God, drawing weak.
SUludong Week 30-3
Chins....defeat me.
SUludong \Week 30-2
So tired.
SUludong Week 30-1
Single parenting it for the next two weeks. This shit is exhausting.

But I did make a home cooked meal and cleaned! Yay me.

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  1. Hey, I get to be solo mama next week too. I did my floors in preparation. Hate to say but you find you have one less someone to take care of.

    1. Doing floors ahead of time is a genius move. I've been on super home cooking dinner kick and yesterday I got waaaaay too ambitious and made cookies with a toddler. I'm lucky in that the solo parenting is a kinda thing because Hub is just working really long days. Being alone makes me feel like I'm in a relay race looking for the baton hand-off and realizing I have to run around the track again.


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