Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Technical difficulties and disembodied voices

My computer has lost its damn mind and Toddler Flails-a-lot got a stomach bug that showed up quite suddenly. Both are returning to normal so the blog will be back on track next week.

In unrelated news, I've decided to design sleepwear for toddlers that show epic battles so parents have something to look at when their lying offspring demand to use the potty at midnight. First battle: Giant Kraken vs Whatever-the-biggest-Whale-is.

Also, I'm tired and might be hallucinating this is a good idea.


It is a genius idea.

Who am I going to believe, exhausted common sense or my REM deprived brain?

Second battle: The demon god of the Middle Lands vs a cloud of eyeball monsters. Who doesn't want baby pajama set covered in floating eyeballs? They could glow.

(Okay, I made the second set up, but the first is totally real. Kind of.)

Gotta go. Someone's starting singing to herself and its 11 o'clock at night. Not at all creepy to hear a disembodied voice suddenly singing nonsense songs when I'm about to go to bed in a darkened house....

This is the first thing I thought of  when I heard the singing.

(image from the Graphics Fairy)

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  1. You are soooooooooooo funny! I think the baby pjs are great idea!

    1. Right?! It's daylight I still love the idea.

  2. Sperm whale? Blue whale?

    Why not make one up?

    I love that idea ... though I do think it might prolong the going to bed process as small children do not have a hard time coming up with questions about nothing when it's time to go to bed.

    And I think mercury is in retrograde because my computer is threatening to die. As if I had the money to replace it. My strategy is to ignore it ... restart, give it 20 minutes off, and to buy lottery tickets.

    It is not so far off from your pj idea.

    Looking forward to seeing you in November! Hope none of us is sick! :)

    1. Oooo, comb-over whale (golden!).

      My computer is acting right again. I think it likes working, just doesn't like to have to store anything of any size. I'm a big fan of the reboot-rest-use cycle.

      Fingers crossed on the illness situation for November.

  3. I saw a giant eyeball that was blinking on someone's lawn tonight while trick or treating. I'm in for the Kraken and eyeball pjs. My son declared he didn't like clowns the other day. He got wind of the iconic fear at school. As to the sicknesses, this too shall pass. Stomach bugs are the worst. One Christmas, I was hurrying to wrap the presents because I knew the puking was coming. And sure enough. I wish your computer and daughter great gobs of wellness.

    1. She's slowly returning to health, thank goodness. Satan-face (my computer) is back to happiness. I daren't question why, just give it lots of love for hanging in there. :)

      Your son is wise beyond his years. Good to figure it out now rather than at the circus...


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