Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Do as I say, not as I do

Hub: "I feel awful. I think I'm fighting off Toddler Flails-a-lot's illness."
Me: "Well, stop. She's almost over it."
Hub: "My head hurts and my ears won't pop."
Me: "Take some medicine."
Hub: "We don't have any."
Me: "Start with DayQuil, Benadryl and water." (hands it to him)
Hub (in shock): "I thought our vast store of medicine was baby only."
Me: "That's because we're great parents but terrible patients. Take the damn medicine."
Hub: "Says the woman who tries to fix all her illnesses with fizzy water."
Me: "..."

Toddler Flails-a-lot is up to FIVE medications in the morning and two at night. She gets sick every six weeks to varying degrees of intensity. In the winter, we get sick too. You'd think we'd learn to care for ourselves as well as we care for her.


Children make you parents, they don't make you sensible.

After almost three years, we're starting to turn that boat of self-care around. After all, we need to get our shit together before she's old enough to notice and call us out. I already know I'm going to have a giant swear jar, don't want a unhealthy jar, too.
Meet Mr. Ebb and Mr. Flood
Good morning! Are you healthy yet?
(Did I mention she wakes up an insanely early hours to go potty and eat nauseatingly large amounts of food? Yeah, she's growing. It's biologically fascinating but freaking tiring.)

Vintage illustration posted by katinthecupboard on flickr, another of my favorite vintage image hoarder. Book: “Adventures in the Open”, by Nina Wilcox Putnam and Norman Jacobsen. Illustrated by Katharine Sturges Dodge. 1918.

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  1. Ah, I remember it well. And will be reliving soon. I've learned so much about sinus infections, allergies, pink eye, and communicable diseases over the years. Hoping for calmer weather when Fiona's going to child care.

    1. Weather makes such a huge difference, doesn't it? Summer is like a whole season of "normal" where Toddler Flails-a-lot got regular runny noses. It was glorious. I support your hope for Fiona.


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