Monday, July 29, 2013

Unexpected visits from fashion models

When you're home a lot things can really backslide in your personal presentation. Other times you just fail to understand what's going to happen. A few weeks ago I planned a yard water day with another mom. Mother Magoo had bought us the latest in water feature technology for children -- a wading pool with a slide, a mini fountain, a rainbow tunnel and little pads you can step on to make water squirt everywhere. This thing was more intricate than our house.
You know you want one
I'm thinking we turn the kids loose to frolic and prepare for a wet, wet time. Just moms, kicking back. I'm wearing an old Halloween shirt from Target with bats on it that I usually sleep in and shorts which may actually be pajama bottoms. The other mother strolls in a sweats and her hair pulled back, but then I see her son....and her husband. It was ridiculous. Her husband and son looked like they just stepped out of Ralph Lauren ad. We're talking full blown smooth, preppy, we-vacation-in-the-Hamptons look. Like they had never touched dirt or water in their entire lives AND THEY HAD A CAMERA.

I look at my child. Toddler Flails-a-lot had started the day in a swim diaper, possibly shorts, and a hideous bedazzled yellow top. She was using her top to whack the inflatable palm tree. She was mostly naked and looked like she had rolled in dirt and twigs at some point. Mother Magoo had gone full tropical with a muumu and looked fabulous so she was kinda balancing me out, but I did not want my outfit recorded for posterity. I abandoned my daughter to her nudity and immediately donned slightly more photogenic clothes.

I assumed the adults would look all relaxed and the children would wet and dirty and much fun would be had by all. While the fun was totally had, only one child was dirty. Mine. And she wasn't dirty, she was filthy. Her little friend wouldn't go into the kiddy pool or inflatable structure for love or money. He was bone dry. Toddler Flails-a-lot, meanwhile, sat in a puddle and methodically covered herself in mud with great seriousness and intention before deigning to frolic around the yard with him.

Watching them play was like watching a prince play with a feral child. She looked like a woodland creature who had come out the forest and found a play mate. Of course, they both looked amazingly adorable.

All I could think about was how people see her in a dress and say, "Oh, she must be such a girly girl!" as if she cared in the slightest about her clothing. The last time it happened Mother Magoo smiled sweetly and said, "If you mean a girl who likes roll around in the dirt, then yes, she is quite girly." 

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  1. that's my girl... love it!

    1. When she grows up to be river dragon like that guy in Spirited Away, we'll know when it started...


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