Tuesday, July 30, 2013

High school was HOW long ago?!

The time comes in every person's life where they have to face what they've become and decide....whether or not they will attend their high school reunion. Their twenty year reunion.

Me: "My high school reunion is coming. Eeeeeeee!"
Hub: "Why is there yelling right now?"
Me: "I can't go. I was supposed to a triathlete or a superhero or a ninja!"
Hub: "Your school had some weird 'most likely' categories."
Me: "NO! That's what I say I'm supposed to be. I still have some of my pregnancy weight. I can't fly carrying these extra pounds!"
Hub: "That's...a totally sane line of reasoning."
Me: "Says the man whose life goal is get carded when he's 40."
Me: "Whatever. I'm going to look for my Spanx-girdle-thing and get a manicure."
Hub: "It will be fine."
Me: "If it isn't, I'm going to drink until it's awesome."
Hub: "I'm sure that will, er, help."

These are the conversations I'm having instead of writing blog posts for you. Very important freakouts about whether or not I will make a fool of myself in front of people I haven't seen in twenty years and won't see for another twenty. We haven't even left yet and I'm already starting to remember what high school was like.

Fuck it. Sometimes you just have to walk in like "I'm the coolest thing in here!" and then depending on how that goes, drink. This is my new theme song for the upcoming festivities:
Everything is better with Star Trek.

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  1. Sounds like you're going! Good. Walk-in like Romy and Michelle. Remember that awesome movie? I can't stand how fab the video edit is on that song. We just Watched Star Trek movies 2 and 3 with the 8 year old. So fun. Big fan.of you and Shatner. I want to live like common people Ish.

    1. Yes, that movie was great - the cowboy! This video edit makes me so, so happy. I love that you're sharing Star Trek with the kidlets. I can't wait to share reunion stories.

  2. Sometimes the past just needs to stay in the past. I would love to go to a high school reunion as a fly on the wall... but not as a person whoever I have become.

    Um... yeah... the movie that comes up is the Stockard Channing revenge movie:

    Find it and watch it ... maybe after the reunion! Enjoy.

    1. I can totally understand wanting to "see" your reunion, not "be" at the reunion. I love revenge movies.


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