Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weekly faces #19

SUludong Week 19-1SUludong Week 19-3
Been experimenting with my new colored sketching pencils from the craft swap. Turns out they don't scan as well as hoped. My current regular pencils are kind of rough when used over the light blue pencil I use for initial drawings. Might be time to buy better supplies. Ah well.

As to why this guy has puff balls floating around his head - um, I started drawing a space princess who then turned into a guy in a suit. He likes them. He has little pet names for them and they talk to him in high-pitched voices and make it hard for him to work. He will one day run a large conglomerate and no one will ever question why they are there.
SUludong Week 19-2
Natural hair is a bitch to draw. The fullness of Black hair can be difficult to capture well in line drawings. This was my attempt to capture a specific style of big hair. I tried to represent the fullness, curl and body without drawing every single hair but couldn't manage it. Filling in all the lines made me bitter with this drawing. Maybe I'll like it next week. 

(FYI: "natural hair" in this context is Black hair sans a perm, process, pressing, braiding or weave. There's a lot of variety in African-American hair in terms of texture and tightness of curl.)

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  1. The natural hair was my favorite ... I think it looks great ... *natural* even!

    1. Working on it! More will be forthcoming.


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