Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Weekly faces #19

suludong week 19-2
Only two faces this week. Up from last week's sad lone face. Current crop of illness is kicking the crap out of Husband-cat and I. Realized I shouldn't be driving because sinus pressure and pain were making me light-headed. Apparently decongestants can't solve everything. Fortunately, I have NyQuil to take me away from all this mouth breathing nonsense. (Yes, I actually have to walk around with my mouth hanging open to receive sufficient oxygen. I feel quite silly. Oxygenated, but silly.)
suludong week 19-1

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  1. Hey we have another thing in common, concurrent sinus infections. After 3 other antobiotics, I finally got my augment on. Not wanting the big bad with the breast feeding. But as my eyeball feels like it will pop out and hit the far wall,the worst after three weeks, I pray for relief or death.
    Love and good health to you?

    1. Oh my god! You are definitely, totally in my prayers. Breastfeeding is hard enough without that! Poor, poor eyeball. Poor you. Love and good health right back to you. If we say it enough it will come true!


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