Thursday, June 20, 2013

Weekly face #21

SUludong week 21-2
I'm working on loosening up my sketching style. I'm used to putting my all into every sketch because I like a clean minimalist line, but I want to expand my process because I find myself overworking the paper or erasing every stray line that doesn't fit into the idea in my head. I'm finding it surprising difficult to change this part of my thinking. It has to do more with my mindset than my hands.
SUludong week 21-1
This sketch gives me a slight Joan of Arc vibe. Like I need more armor. Or a dragon. 
SUludong week 21-3
I find 1950's hairstyles interesting. There's this thing white women do where they make their bangs waterfall on their foreheads, but use so much hair product, the bangs seem to float slightly above their head. As a woman with a head of wavy and curly hair I find the visual effect fascinating. My mom tells me teenage tales of dying her hair blond, then having to iron and apply pounds of spray before she went out. She's a wavy redhead so my brain hurts imaging it.

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