Monday, June 3, 2013

Snap attack!

My good deed this weekend was participating in a craft swap. If you think that's not a good deed, remember that Husband-cat is a minimalist and I have boxes I haven't unpacked in years. I rooted around in our basement, battling spiders and hearing suspicious scratching noises from outside the house (not less creepy than inside, I assure you). I came up with two full bags, mainly beads and art supplies.

This prompted me to wonder the following: when the fuck did I get so many interesting and esoteric beads? What on earth did I plan to do with them? The volume far exceeded a casual interest so I must have had some sort of plan -- perhaps from a summer of my innocent youth. That thought made me sad to part with them. It was like giving away my faint memory of being that young and wanting to make shiny baubles to adorn myself.

Packing them up for the exchange I could almost remember who I was when I had them, how I played with them and designed things in my head. I never made anything with them. Now my creative interest lies elsewhere. Guess that's a lesson, you should always act on the plans in your head. Otherwise they'll fade away.

But you can't make new if you're bogged down with the old. I came back from the swap with a fistful of loot including a vintage card game called Snap (which I always say in my head as "Oooooh, Snap!"):
snap game 1 of 2
This style of vintage illustration always makes me think of wood paneled dens and tv dinners. It is kitschy awful, but I really like it..
snap game 2 of 2

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  1. I love those cards. So cute and clever. I too had a jewelry phase in my 20's. I still have tools and divide box with beads. Don't you think it's freeing though to remove the obligation. Like the skinny jeans, when you lose the weight, or feel like jewelry making, you go buy new stuff.

    1. That's a perfect way to put it "remove the obligation". You see this stuff for projects you haven't done or lost interest in and you think "I should/need to do that". Giving it away completes the circle. I'm already playing with my new pencils. Inspired now to get rid of more...

  2. I love how you took sadness and made it beautiful. My favorite line, "Guess that's a lesson, you should always act on the plans in your head. Otherwise they'll fade away." So poignantly beautiful... You are a artisan of life. You make life beautiful. Thank you for sharing your genius with us...


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