Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Weekly face #16

suludong week 16-1
Mother Magoo liked spiky haired...person best of today's crop.
suludong week 16-3
One of the side effects of drawing every week is that I'm discovering hair I prefer as a subject. I love the natural hair of the above drawing, but hate the eyebrows and lashes. It's funny I generally dislike my drawings when I finish them, because I still see things I wanted to do or didn't execute successfully. Give me a week away from them and I love them.
suludong week 16-2
I actually did these in blue last week and redrew them today in dark pencil. Progress! Soon I'll have so many drawings I won't even use them all! Hahahahahahahhaha.

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  1. What may I ask, do you do with these drawings Ms. Ish? And I like the eyes looking sideways as I've not seen that yet.

    1. Right now? Nothing. They're just a personal project to develop my skills to future artistic endeavors/career. I have a lovely folder they go into on my desk. I need a structure to keep me honest and get back to drawing.


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