Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Travel, funeral, toddler, tired

We spent Memorial Day weekend attending the funeral of Hub's Grandmother and visiting with family. Family was abundant -- Grandma had 10 kids so there were roughly a million Midwestern Hub relations there. There was an epic slide show that spanned her 93 years and the better part of the family tree. Makes me think when I'm in my twilight years I should organize my own slideshow just to make things easier on whichever relative has that job.

The service was lovely. Stories were told, songs sung, tears shed, long lost relatives returned.  As funerals go, it was one of the best and most heartfelt I've ever attended. (Apparently I've unknowingly rated all the funerals I've attended on a scale, but there you go.)

Non-funeral related things I learned on our trip:
  • Wyoming is pretty but the air is so dry it sucks the moisture out of your skin and makes you feel like you might slough it off like a snake
  • African Dan's 3 siblings think they're nothing like him, but they totally are and it's awesome
  • Ranching is an unforgiving job
  • Toddler Flails-a-lot will not nap in the car if Hub and I are sitting in the backseat with her (this fact made me very sad)
  • People without children will suggest hiking at 7:30 am and we will stupidly think it is a good idea
  • Hiking in stylish flats is not the best idea (when will I learn to pack sneakers? the last Hub family reunion I went to I ended up climbing a rock face in platform the amazement of all, I might add)
  • Husband-cat can carry a 30lb toddler and hike for hours.
suludong scotts bluff v2
Biggest lesson: Toddler Flails-a-lot now understands linear causality and makes new conversations and demands based on that.When we woke her up at 6 am to go hiking she said, "NO! More night time!" and tried to go back to sleep. I didn't blame her a bit.


  1. Could you please ask her to teach her buddy that line for 6am? Cuz he needs it every day.

    1. We'll work on the angry rollover as well...

  2. Love her! Wish I could squeeze her right now and have a long heart felt conversation about whatever is passing through her mind at present!! I fear I won't recognize her when I see her next...sigh.

    1. Oh you will, by the roundness of her head if nothing else. Still the same stubbornness and innate certainty of life and utterly charming expressions. I carried her to daycare today squeezing her all the way. She will love to tell you everything on her mind and occasionally pat you to show you she cares about your opinion as well.


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