Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Time to level up

The thing with kids is their inherent (and freakish) ability to become new people. Every time they enter a new phase of cogitating or manual dexterity they can shock you. You can see behind their eyes an ever expanding machinery of thought. Kids are always individuals, distinctly their separate creatures, but the ways they show it are fascinating and frequently maddening. They start with reaction viscerally, but as time progresses they get more and specific in their responses.

Toddler Flails-a-lot has a entered a new, more thoughtful phase where she occasionally considers her instant no or yes response and relates it to what she actually wants versus just using it as conversational filler. She has also achieved a new level of angry I like to call complex anger, in addition to her inherent "Hulk SMASH!" tendencies.

We were in line at the airport and working with her on the concept "lines, how to wait in them". Toddler Flails-a-lot was cool with it for a while. Then, tired of our explanations and restrictions she made a break for open ground. I picker up and the Hub reiterated the whole this-is-a-line-we're-waiting-our-turn spiel and she gave him a Look. It was a whole new facial expression she had never made before. Gone was the blind rage of a baby being thwarted in her intention, it was the fully realized anger of a person who said clearly as she had spoken:

"I understand the concept of lines. They are stupid. I know you want to wait behind these other people. I do not. I don't care about your opinion. You sir, are an IDIOT."

I swear to God, Husband-cat staggered when that look hit him. He felt judged and derided and didn't quite know what to do outside of saying, "Her face! Did you see that?!" Of course, I hadn't because I was holding her. I saw the aftermath and, really, that was enough for me. At least she can't shoot laser beams out of her eyes. Otherwise, we'd both be dust.

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  1. death glance number 43 = laser beams and it's not far behind The Look... enjoy it as much as possible, it will begin to move at warp speed now.

  2. Sometimes I feel like shrieking "Noooooo! Stop growing! You're so cuuuuuuuuuute as you are!" Her newest thing is to amuse herself by taking videos of herself on the iphone. It is the funniest thing in the world. She's very earnest and gesticulates wildly.

  3. She is very earnest ... I love that about her ... but then again I don't live with her!!

    1. Yeah, it's less cute when she saying, "Noooo, sthtop it" because I'm touching her chair.


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