Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The greatest thing you will see today

First, a story. The greatest movie about male models -- Zoolander -- had a scene where male models drove around posing in their convertible and frolicking at the gas pump. We all thought it was a parody, but maybe not.
Psycho Bambi and her best friend were stuck in stop and go traffic next to a convertible full of male models. Not only did the models accentuate all their conversational movements to draw as many eyes as possible, but one of them did a slow reveal shirt removal. He was just too hot and had to disrobe so everyone could appreciate his glorious, glorious body. Psycho Bambi and her friend could not take their eyes away or stop laughing at the spectacle. It was by far the most ridiculous thing she's ever seen.

I tell you this sidebar because the following video is completely awesome and contains a man doing a slow reveal de-shirting. Husband-cat was so excited by this video he immediately shared it with me. I don't what that says about us, but we both kind of love it.

It is by the UK band Hotchip for their song, "I feel better" and it is all kind of wonderful. For a very specific definition of wonderful.

Lest you think I'm the only one who adores this video - pop culture critic Geoff Klock has a lovely post dissecting and analyzing it (even the comments are worthwhile!). I think he stretches towards the end, but his take only adds to my enjoyment. Also, the director, Peter Serafinowicz, talks about how he thought it up. Enjoy!

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  1. Really, phina? Really? This is nuts!!! I was cook with cancer boy killed with white blue light. But why the devil gots to be a black fat man? +_)(*&^%$# Really?

    It was funny though--but not the end....

    1. A Christian/Devil interpretation changes the game entirely! I thought they were competing aliens - because of all the floating and eye lasers. I actually like eye lasers better than vomit lasers, but they really didn't need to be red (also, I know that floaty head dude won a talent contest because of the eye pops, but um, the hell?). Klock read it as pop music performed by pretty boys written by ugly white guys, stolen from black people. Which leaves the same point you make: why the black guy gotta blow everything up? Couldn't he have been giant floaty head main singer? It totally detracts from the video which is otherwise horrible-in-a-good-way.

      My favorite parts were dance-offs in the face of LASERS and how the audience just stayed after each person died horribly. The irrational responses cracked me up. The minute you see someone floating, you bounce. If it turns out to be Jesus, you can hear about it on the news. More likely? Aliens or super-villains and you gonna die.


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