Thursday, April 11, 2013

Weekly faces #11

I drew these while the sun was out! I am amazing!
SUludong week 11-2
In other news, I bicycled for like fifteen minutes today. I have thigh muscles, who knew? They don't like me very much.
SUludong week 11-3
SUludong week 11-1
Why are there weird floaty things in every sketch this week? I have no idea, but expect more.

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  1. Hey that first one looks like you!!

    If you don't know about the floaty things, I am utterly clueless.

    Missing some commentary on the latest anti-heroes on tv ...namely the folks on The Following.

    Are you following?

    1. Yeah, you'd think I know what all the floaty things are since I drew them, but they start as one thing and then mutate.

      Oh God, I'm ashamed to admit that I watch both the Following and Scandal religiously and counterprogram with Mindy Show and New Girl.

  2. well get those blogposts ready... need some anti-hero debriefing to counterprogram all the other shit I'm reading!


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