Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Some days just suck

We were so excited. Last year was our year, making more than we ever had before. This year will be even better. Then reality set in.

We're wealthy enough to eat well and not go bankrupt. Income is up. Taxes haves doubled and medical bills are unrelenting. So we're making enough to eat good food (a fucking win in my book), pay our massive health-related debt (don't forget insurance!), and send our kid to a daycare she loves beyond reasonableness. Theoretically we'll be debt free in a few years, but we went to the emergency room two weeks ago so who the fuck knows?

Normally, I'm pretty upbeat in sarcasm and rage, but today blows. It just does.

Sadly, we're so much luckier than most other Americans in that we can afford to pay our medical debts for years and not sell our car to do so. This system sucks.

So today, I give you a scary ass clown. Clown-face might will eat your soul, but he won't make you count it as a fucking blessing.
Melbourne / Circus / Vintage
(photo from Cubagallery on Flickr)

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