Monday, April 29, 2013

Hot mess mommy

I have strong opinions on clothing. Dress your daughter like a video vixen, and it's remedial parenting classes for you. Or possibly caning. Flip-flops in downtown San Francisco? I will staple them to your feet. Shorts in snow are just wrong. And so on.

I'll be a non-white version of this.
My personal standard is not to look like a crazy shut-in who has wandered outside. You'd think that would be simple. My mother was a single parent. She worked her ass off to raise me right and she left the house every morning looking like a grown ass woman. Yet I keep wearing my "house" pants outside the house and hiding my pajama tops with a hoodie when I take Toddler Flails-a-lot to daycare. (On those rare occasions she's healthy enough to go. Har har.)

My low point came recently when I realized the daycare teacher was trying very hard not to look at my neck. I had completely forgotten about the… let's call it a "nibble of love" …from Husband-cat. There I am, trying to talk about my child's development and all the while the poor teacher is thinking, "Must. Keep. Looking. At. Face." God knows what the other parents thought.

After that stellar moment of public dressing. I made some new grooming rules: no more "house" clothes, look in the mirror at least once before I leave the house, and buy more scarves. I'm abandoning my Bay Area parent uniform of t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers, and moving towards actual pants, attractive shirts, and flats. My new 2013 goal is Dress Like A Grown Ass Woman (even when I'm going to daycare). We'll see how it goes.

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  1. First let me commend you on the friskiness of you and your cat man. Been a long time since I had a hickie. I do remember my friend being embarrassed enough to tell me to wear a scarf though. But I don't think we were married yet. And the kids, they kill the mood really.
    As for the dress for the outside world thing, I remember after I had Eamon, I decided to ditch all my spotted stained frumpalina outfits and watched a bunch of episodes of What Not To Wear. Actually was very inspirational. I changed my wardrobe to the pants shirt accessories(!) thing. I put a little makeup on. Also was doing this right before I got pregnant this time as I'd lost 10 pounds. And that's why I got knocked up. So you've nothing to lose since you're already getting some so go for it. I need to start taking my birth control. And need to even find pants that fit. Love this.

    1. I swear finding pants that fit and make you happy is harder than finding a job or housing. I love the make-up & accessorizing idea. Feel like I'm working slowly towards it. I love that you said "and that's why I got knocked up." You make me laugh every time. My God, your baby is so adorable. Good luck on birth control (I highly recommend Mirena, btw).


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