Monday, April 8, 2013

Cut off the internet...or remove my eyes?

Illness brings on a narrowing of one's focus -- namely, survival. Husband-cat and I fall into the pit of anything-goes-living because we're tired and feel like we're gonna die. Side effects include, but are not limited to, the local Korean pop music station playing endlessly on our television, Toddler Flails-a-lot allowed access to everything Apple has made that we own (a ridiculous number of devices), and a rapid slide into Dust Bunny Domination.

The inevitable return to health brings a whirlwind of cleaning and endless attempts to break the bad habits we've developed. If we've been sick only a short time, this period is short. If it has been as long as FEBRUARY THROUGH MARCH these habits are a little harder to dislodge. We restricted Toddler Flails-a-lot's Ipad diet in the hope that we will stave off technologically-induced ADD. The television has returned to its somnolent state. Our new internet habits are not going away quite as easily. Mostly because we're the adults and there's no one to say, "No more web for today, honey, let's read a book!" like we do to the baby. Her response is usually baby invective that we thankfully don't understand.

I now find myself watching Korean soap operas on Netflix (hello, Flower Boy Ramen Shop!) and liking 24-hour K-Pop Station (channel 32!) on Facebook. I'm awash in shiny Korean people and a pop culture just as ludicrous as America's, but much more G-rated. Worst of all, I've become addicted to Tumblr short form blogs. Some are completely reasonable -- illustrators and geeks of all stripes -- others are completely unacceptable, like The Avengers Dirty Whispers. This a blog where Avengers say kinky and overtly sexual things for your...let's say amusement.

Exhibit A (you really don't want an Exibit B).
Why am I reading things like this? I haven't even seen the damn movie! Yet, I find the idea of bondage oriented superheroes hilarious and mesmerizing. I keep saying to myself, "I'm an adult. I can stop any time I want." That's not troubling or anything.

I am forced to draw the conclusion that I lose IQ points when I'm sick. When I get healthy I can only claw back so much of what I've lost. Toddler Flails-a-lot better get a stronger immune system soon because if this three-days-healthy-to-three-weeks-ill bullshit continues I may be a youtube watching vegetable soon..

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  1. I find you viewing and pinning choices absolutely fascinating and wish I were there to share in the fun. I think your uber creative brain is hungry to create. And I see nothing wrong with any of it. Except the being sick part.

    1. Awww, thanks. :) I'm glad we can share online. Trying to get the drawing beyond the minimal state, but I do think looking at pretty things helps keep mental juices flowing even when I'm not making stuff.


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