Thursday, March 14, 2013

Weekly faces #8

suludong week 8-3
Now Toddler Flails-a-lot is on steroids

Me, on phone with pediatrician: "She's already on steroids!"
Them: "She needs new steroids on top of those steroids, for a short period of time."
Me: "Well why don't we all get on steroids?!  Steroids for everyone!"
Them: "Ha ha ha. Yes, more. See you this afternoon."
Me: *mumble* *mumble* not joking *mumble*.

Apparently I'm not allowed to take her around other children until she's gone 24 hours without a fever because her symptoms persist. Fortunately she's just been around tons of adults so the plague swath should be constrained to a small pool of people. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and will know have a cough for the next two months. Love you!

Remember kids, STEROIDS!
suludong week 8-1
suludong week 8-2

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