Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weekly faces #7

The first one is my favorite because geometric forms make me happy. Always have, always will.
suludong week 7c
I'm on week seven and only now do I realize that "faces" is a misnomer since they all have the same face. I should have called it "52 weeks of headdresses, hats and helmets" but I suppose that's a little long. They'll get new faces...someday.
suludong week 7b
My new tactic in the ongoing battle with my scanner was to use super high dpi. From 300 to 1200. Turned out that means one page of drawings takes a million years, but looks real purty.
suludong week 7 a
I also changed paper. I was using complete crap CVS marker paper. I switched to mediocre drawing pad paper. No more gigantor weave. There has to be a hair joke in there somewhere but I can't think of it.

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  1. Isn't interesting, though, how "the same face" looks different depending on her hair or helmet??

    Lovely as always. I like the geometric, though I can't say it makes me *happy* - I appreciate her hat looking like a helmet ...

    1. I'll keep doing geometric and one day you'll succumb. Join us, for we are pointy and angular....


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