Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weekly faces #6

When I started this weekly drawing project I really thought I would love the stuff I drew. I needed a project, a goal, get me back to the drawing board. The baby, writing, daily life had devoured my time so I figured I use this project to get my confidence back and get back in practice. I forgot that I frequently hate anything I've created. The "goal" image is superimposed what I've actually done so I can't appreciate the work. I have to let it sit and when I come back I like it again. I have a weak immediate appreciation muscle that I think hampers my ability to explore ideas visually. At long last I've decided to just keep drawing until my muscle grows instead of my old cycle of bursts of creativity followed by inaction. I say all of this because I find myself hating this week's drawings.
suludong week 6-3
suludong week 6-2
suludong week 6-1

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  1. What's so interesting about your reaction to this week's faces is that I think these are the most daring you've done so far.

    Before I read the text, I was already in love with them all... they are big, over the top, unique and single and unrepeatable.

    I want to know every one of these women ... I want to drink wine with them and talk shit.

    I want to hear about their most daring moments and tell them the story of having to save my friend from the crazy Italian man at the bar ... and then make up some really good adventures together...

    Just keep posting them and let us do the feeling and relating ... we are always our harshest critics.

    Miss you so much, my friend... send you the biggest hug and a bottle of wine!

    1. Thanks for the positive reinforcement. I feel like I never really looked at why I didn't like some of my stuff right after I made it. Now I'm trying to do new actions to disrupt the reflexive perfectionism that stunts my view. Right now, I'm on "fuck it, just draw" kick. Thanks for giving me some back stories to go along with the faces.

      And I will be drinking that wine.


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