Monday, February 4, 2013

Everyone loves Eeyore

When I first got pregnant, Husband-cat's best friend Eeyore was concerned that we'd ditch him into the miasma of parenthood. He became so long faced that I had to curse him out until he knew better. If he was willing to put up with endless stories about baby poop then we could be friends. Eventually. he understood that some of us like to maintain non-children interests while still being kick-ass parents.

Then the baby came. He was pretty hands off when she was in blob phase -- I swear he thought she'd burst into flame if he held her -- but he was endlessly patient in pointing out her toes, fingers, nose and whatnot. Then she got mobile and decided he was one of her favorites. Unlike a lot of childless people, Eeyore gives Toddler Flails-a the massive amounts of attention she demands. Every time he visits he sets aside time to play with her, running through the house or listening to her babble about shoes and clocks. He treats children like tiny creatures to be amused and defended. In fact, he's defended her point of view more often than I would like.

Baby: "Meh eh eh meh!"
Me: "No. I know what you want. No."
Baby: "Meh! Meh! Meh!"
Eeyore: "I think you should give that to her."
Me: "No."
Eeyore: "Are you sure? I think she'd be happier if you gave that to her."
Me: "I'm the parent, you should take my side."
Eeyore: "No, I think I'm going to side with baby on this one."
Me: "I hate you."

We wondered if Eeyore's special status would wear off as she got older and socialized more --going to play groups, the toddler park, etc. But he came over recently and she was so happy she gave him the most spectacular reception we've ever seen. She suplexed* her stuffed panda, stomped on toys, shrieked and laughed maniacally, jumped up and down and whacked the couch violently. The flailing was majestic. The previous standard -- ear splitting shrieking upon seeing Aunt MacGuff -- was surpassed easily. There's a new favorite in town and his name is Eeyore. Next to him, we are but shadows. Oh well.

(*For all you people who didn't watch WWF wrestling in the '80s like I did, here is a woman in an elevator introducing a thief to the suplex:

Isn't it magical?)

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  1. Yay for Eeyore! The childless friends can come through in unexpected ways. I like how she feels she needs to do a show of aggressive behavior for his benefit. They have a thing and you're not a part of it. Good for both of them. Because you'll need him later when she can't come to you with a question about something you'd rather not hear anyway.
    (I'm writing you an email again. Write me back)

    1. See I didn't think of it as aggressive, it seemed like she was so filled with joy she had to channel externally to get it out of her system. Like she just couldn't contain herself for one more minute and she was experimenting to see the right release. I'm glad she loves him so. (I didn't get your e-mail yet, but I'll respond when I do!)


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