Tuesday, February 12, 2013

An era comes to a close

I got the call today. She Who Must Be Obeyed (aka Mandy-cat, aka kitty!!!!!) is at the end of her life. Kidney function at 25%. Life counted in months, maybe a year. I assumed she was a cat Highlander*, immortal until you get your head cut off by a rival. I thought I'd be dead and she'd be curled up on my grave, purring and shedding.
She's imaging my grave...
We're sad. We're going to be those people who do extra stuff to keep their pets alive. In this case, giving her biweekly IV drips for 15 minutes to help her hydrate and daily pills and supplements. Shouldn't be completely insane at all.

We don't know when the end will come. All we can do is pet her and not curse at her when she curls up in a ball between our heads at night so that we roll over into a face full of fur at 1am. She's happy and not in pain, maybe she'll beat the odds for a bit longer.

I hope so.

* This is the Highlander, fyi.

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  1. May she be at ease ... pain is no one's friend...

    1. We're blessed that she's the same cranky cat as always. No pain, just purring & judgement.

  2. Oh Ish, I am so sorry. She is your first baby. I lost Miss Doodie, who looked exactly like your Mandy-Cat BTW, when I was pregnant with Eamon. She had begun to grit her teeth which meant pain. The vets thanked me when I brought her in to mercifully put her at peace. May you find peace and relief with any decisions you must make.
    Love to you and yours,


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