Wednesday, January 9, 2013

French faces

You thought I was going post pictures of Parisians, didn't you? Ha ha ha ha, screw people, I like building ornament.
Paris cornucopia head small
How morose is this guy? He's got a cornucopia on each side spilling food down the side of the building and yet he's still full of sad.

I love the expressiveness and investment in historical and mythological reference for buildings used every day. If modernism has a flaw is that the lack of ornament means it gets real boring, real quick if not done right. You have to be a genius to make modern work. What I have here is so much higher than equivalent American time period/expense level. I could look at this every day and be happy.
Paris male medusa small
I wish I had this on my front door. Welcome, we behead Medusas. Be forewarned.
Paris green door gagged
Not sure what's happening here, but it would be erotic if he looked happier.
Paris fount face small
I love the emotion. How creepy would he look in the rain vomiting a torrent of overflow water?

Sorry for the shortage of photos today. I couldn't quite wrangle the rest of my pictures into presentable shape (damn you back lighting). As much as my new photography class is making my head hurt (stupid f-stops) I'm very hopeful the end result is better pictures, less after-the-fact retouching to get them viewable.

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  1. OOH ... when you are a master of F-stops, will you dumb it down for me?? I need to know, but I don't have a lot of space in my brain for it.

    And, were there any happy faces? Did you just walk right by them or are they all this tormented?

    I think that one in the green might have been meant to look like a Native American... just sayin.

    1. So far I'm still the dummy, but I'll let you know when I can translate.

      There didn't seem to be many in the happy department. Always with the historical & mythological references and somehow those always end badly.

      Greenie could be Native American....bondage Native American. :)

  2. I'm with you. I'm always looking up when traveling in a city. Once I rode the bus in my hometown of Baltimore and just stared upwards out the window the whole time.I was amazed at the gargoyles. A year ago, we rode around NYC in a taxi and I snapped great pictures of the front of the train station and other deco buildings. But nothing matches these pictures from France? Fabulous and I'd surely have tripped for being just as rapt. Thanks for the fun.


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