Thursday, January 10, 2013

Weekly faces #1(and yet another posting schedule)

I'm week one and I've already decided to scrap my Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule. I'll still post three times a week, but I'm going to post Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Pre-baby, the M / W / F shift worked, but with her all external and jabbering I think T-Th will to be easier on me. I don't know why, some psychological thing -- "Mondays aren't so bad, you have time to finish that post! You're fine!" Cut to 10pm and I'm trying to figure out where I was going with my post that has one paragraph then ends with the note: talk about vampire babies and palpitations. My drafts folder is filled with posts like that. This is my year to kick ass so we're doing it my way and posting in the middle of the damn week. (I'm lying, Husband-cat thought it up, but that doesn't fit with my ass kicking narrative.)

Here's your faces for the week!
These aren't my happy kid round heads I showed you before. This is more me playing with hair and costume.
Pardon the weird light issues, I had to color correct because I draw using the lightest pencils in the known world on tracing paper which is oddly colored. This page didn't even show up in the scanner. My computer kept yelling at me: WHERE ARE THE DRAWINGS?! I CAN'T SEE SHIT! DID YOU HAVE TO USE THE LIGHTEST PENCIL IN CREATION? Also, I don't know how to use my camera to take pictures of sketches. That, apparently, is a whole new skill set I'm going to learn....yippee.
I complain, but I do like my girls. Aren't they purty?

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  1. I like the girls... and I want to know if you can tell me how to make my hair do what number 1 girl's hair is doing!!!

    1. You flapper, you! Glad you like them.


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