Sunday, January 6, 2013

Blogger hates me

Sorry, but I can't post for Monday. My computer (Satan-face) is not letting me see Blogger. It gets me to the overview page and then...nothing. I'd write you something on my iPhone, but that might leave me punching my phone, the computer, our front door, really all inanimate objects in reach. I will be hosting 7 toddlers tomorrow for 3 hours so no promises to post then, because I'll likely be spending the afternoon in the fetal position praying for death's sweet release. Ha ha ha, kidding. Maybe.

Let's try for Wednesday, shall we? No promises I won't have punched my computer, though.


  1. I'm digging caressing the keys of my new technology aka Lenovo laptop. I've never had a new laptop. I've never had a new car. I am about to have another unused baby. And so know I mean it when I say good luck with Toddler time tomorrow.

    1. Enjoy that new technology smell! Husband-cat is close to setting his laptop on fire, but my ancient Fujitsu is still trucking along. Well, kind of. Given that Firefox won't show me Blogger, guess I'm back to using multiple web browsers. Because there's nothing I like more than having a million windows open on my computer and battling with my software. Isn't technology supposed to make our lives easier?


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