Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Obsession: Wall-all

The Wall-all (aka Vitra's Uten Silo) is the greatest, shiniest organizer-you-never-knew-you-needed. It is an object so well designed and of its time period (why, hello 70s!) that it has been in continuous production for forty years. Created in by Dorothee Becker, it takes German design genius for usefulness and melds it with a very un-German exuberance in color and material.
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That's the great thing about industrial design from the 1970s, even the Germans got colorful. Look at it. Can't you hear the designers crying into their beer steins about how awesome this plastic material is and how everything in the world needs to be made from it. They then dropped acid and colored the products to match their visions.
I am Dorothee and this is my orange. (images via tribu-design and vitra)
In the fantasy life I live in my head I have one of these in every room, color coded to match the decor. In my real life it will take awhile to purchase one as the market for used ones below $300 is nonexistent and new they retail for $500 (large) and $400 (small). One day, however, I will be the proud owner of one of these gorgeous bad-boys and then I will be so impeccably arranged I will be overlord of all I see. After all, who wouldn't bow down to a chrome wall organizer?

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