Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mr. Floaty Head will see you now

When you're fighting fatigue, hunger and the slight discombobulation travel brings the last thing you want to see while walking alone along the edge of a park is this:
Paris theater mask cropped
Yeah, I came upon this bad boy when there was no one else around. I thought I was in a damn horror movie and looked around for other witnesses to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. I swear to God the entire street was empty in the middle of the friggin' day. For the first time since arriving in packed Paris I was completely alone. It was not my finest moment. It is possible I suppressed a small, ladylike shriek that may or may not have been, "Don't eat me, giant monster face!"

Fortunately Mr. Creepy didn't rise off the ground to eat me. Once my heart slowed, I saw the Theater sign. Another few steps down the block and I saw a random member of the military strolling around with the biggest gun I've ever seen carried in public. A shrieking American would not have amused that guy.

Oh France, I miss you so.

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