Monday, December 10, 2012

Never a bad time for more to do

Somehow it has completely slipped my mind that the holidays are almost upon us. With the illness and absolutely no plans to go anywhere I'm only semi-festive holiday spirit-y. Actually, I'm lying. I'm anti-festive.

The only part of Christmas I'm looking forward to is the giant ham we'll be eating. We haven't put up decorations or listened to one carol. Instead I'm madly scheming ways to get my office to not be a complete wasteland of paper piles and despair, because when is it a good time to start a home project? When you're recovering from illness, your to-do list has its own zip code and your go-to childcare is out of town, that's when!

Here's some hints about my office design plans...
czechoslovakian matchbox label
(Czech matchbox label image via Maraid's flickr stream - I swear she has every amazing vintage matchbox the Czech Republic ever produced)

Source: via Sleep on Pinterest

(Image of vintage shelf found via e-bay)

A whole schematic blueprint of the world's best home office just pops into your head, doesn't it? From these two photos you can envision my grandiose plans, right? Right?! Or am I just sleep deprived?

Don't answer that.

Suffice to say "color" and "mid-century plastic products" are key to the revamp.

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