Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2013. My year to get rid of shi-, er, stuff.

(Rant interlude, begin

Rejected titles of this post
Year of the Dragon Lady/ Slayer (meh)
Year of the BOOM (sounds like Kevin James' movie)
Year of the purge (sound like eating disorder or ethnic cleansing, ick)
Year of projects (dull, dull, dullsville)

You'd think these damn post titles would be easier by now, but I swear they aren't. I'm going to start labeling my posts with completely random words that almost make sense. Necromancers! Strafing bears! Pollyanna, the polymorphous! Every single one will have an exclamation point. Or three.


I've decided what I want for Christmas. All this crap out of my house. Over the last five years, we've moved to Buffalo and back, then changed homes and immediately thereafter had a baby. Even before Buffalo there were boxes I hadn't opened in years. That ends this (coming) year. 

2013's theme is Get Shit Done. I completely and utterly copied this from Meg Biram, a blogger who coined the term for herself for 2012. Biram's GSD series interviews successful bloggers/small business owners on how they Got Shit Done. Reading every last post helped me to crystallize what I want to do next year.

Most visible project: Get Shit Gone
Go through every box, cabinet and bookshelf. Purge all the stuff outdated, unused, or unwanted. Organize, label, repack or use everything else. This includes the fifty boxes in the basement, the unused furniture in the garage, and possibly refurbishing some of our vintage furniture currently in use. I'm looking at you, deco metal cabinet with the suspect paint job!

Most fun project: Toddler Flails-a-lot and the terrible two
Certain complain-y babies have a birthday coming up and I've decided to make it shiny, if I can muster the energy. I blame this entirely on Pinterest. Suddenly I want to make cutesy giant birthday signs, pom pom garlands and put glitter on everything. Sketched out some ideas. We'll see what makes it into existence.

Most drawing related project: Friday's Faces
Decided to start a new weekly blog column of faces I've drawn. Minimum of three, maximum of whatever I can fit on the page. I'll start with simple line drawings in pencil and see if I can't make them shinier as time goes on with ink or paint or something (neon glitter! wait, does that exist?).
SU prelims 2
Other not as interesting projects for the year: Exercise, build arts business, redesign blog, and go back to work when Toddler Flails-a-lot starts daycare. And sleep a lot.

Just kidding about the sleep. Who needs that?

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  1. Just remember that glitter is the herpes of the Theatre world. Don't give yourself of tiny flare-ups throughout the year.

    1. Just for that, you're getting glitter bombed.

  2. I like the pom pom hair one... and I hate pom poms!

    1. Yeah, if Toddler Flails-a-lot hair had been more like my dad's 'fro I could totally have puffed her hair out, but she will be going the pigtails route. I secretly still hope she will at least get curly hair as she gets older, but her tufts are pretty cute.


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