Thursday, November 8, 2012

She blinded me with food styling!

Or the opposite.
Famous French Cookery 2
Yummy or radioactive?
I can't help it. I've already told you I'm a sucker for terrible 70's interiors and vintage food anti-porn. To this I add Famous French Cookery: Traditional French dishes for modern American kitchens by Woman's Day, 1969.
Famous French Cookery cover
Famous French Cookery 5
Take a good hard look at those garnishes.
Famous French Cookery 6
So Napoleon astride bloody meat wrapped in dough. Appetizing.
Famous French Cookery 4
Um, I actually love this cups, bread, flower combo. I'm deeply ashamed.
Famous French Cookery 3
Why did they think goop would look better on woven wooden bits with shutters?

Oddly, the illustrations for this book are wonderful. I'll share them next week. I wanted to get the truly, enjoyably awful food photos out of the way first.

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  1. I love those old photos too. The lighting is always so very strange in them!

    1. Right?! I found myself spending a ton of time trying to "fix" it using retouch software and wondering why my camera shots were so bad...until I checked the originals. Ugh. And who decided red was a good backdrop?

  2. I absolutely love this post and these pictures. The cheese whiz is my favorite. And those rhununculus are beautiful but what up with pink basket cake?
    I messed up e-mail submission and twitter link thing. Come find me please.

    1. I thought the same thing: such pretty flowers, run! Run away from the cake-blob! It will eeeeeat you!

      I'll find you!

  3. So funny. I love the one with Napoleon. Did people find these photos appetizing back in the day? Can't wait to see the illustrations!

    1. Something about that velvety wallpaper next to food icks me out. I mean I love that type of wallpaper, but all I can think about is the sauce-goop getting on and staying there...forever. Stay tuned for the illustrations!


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