Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Post Thanksgiving stupor

Turkey day 2012
Turkey centerpiece is thinking, "Bob?! What have they done to you?"
2012 marks the smallest Thanksgiving we've ever had. Just us, Eeyore and Mother Magoo. With those numbers you'd think they'd be open to a Dim Sum dinner out on the town, but nooooooooo, it has to be turkey. No one likes innovation around here. Still, I thought we'd end up with a nice, small spread of food. Wrong again.

Somehow we ended up with the following dinner:
  • 14 lbs of turkey (brined, roasted and good as hell)
  • 12 rolls (I'm pretty sure they were 99% butter)
  • 8 lbs of mashed potatoes (garlic parmesan and regular)
  • 4 casseroles (squash and broccoli)
  • 3 roasted yams
  • 1 lb of cranberry sauce
  • 1 pint of gravy 
  • 1 pot of stuffing
  • 1 apple tart
  • 1 pudding pie

Even now, days later, I can't tell you how we managed to a) make that much food in the kitchen from hell or b) why we had so much of food. All I know is that Mother Magoo is spending all day tomorrow making a double batch of Shepherd's pie, because that is how Irish-American mothers use up four pounds of mashed potatoes. Meanwhile our entire freezer has been given over to gallons of turkey stock. And that's not a hyperbolic gallons either.

At this point we're still so engorged from Thanksgiving if you cut us we'll bleed turkey and gravy instead of blood. That sounded a lot funnier and less disgusting in my head.

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  1. mmm...leftovers. I got none!

    1. If Mother Magoo wasn't making Shepherd's pie I would totally send you mashed potatoes. It would be the worst holiday package ever. :)

  2. Impressed that the stock got made. My carcass made it into a gallon baggie in the freezer. And love the shepard's pie recycling. Dim Sum fro Christmas!!!

    1. Wait, you can freeze the bones!? I'm totally doing that next year! That is a much better plan. (It was my first time making stock, so I don't know all the rules.) Thanks for sharing. I'm going to be a stock master now!


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