Monday, October 1, 2012

Nothing cheers you up like a chainsaw

(My apologies, this was supposed to go out last week, but apparently I'm terrible at knowing what day it is.)

Psycho Bambi and I lived together for only two years, a drop in the ocean of life, but the cohesive patterns of similarity and friendship will last forever. How do I know this? Because for a six month period where neither of us were happy we shared coping mechanisms I never thought I'd share with another woman: the movie American Psycho starring Christian Bale and Evil Dead 2 starring Bruce Campbell.

These movies are not sane, they are not artful, they are not meaningful. They are, however, the funniest horrible you will ever see. Had a bad day? Watch Bruce Campbell cut off his possessed hand and then lose a fight with it. You read right, a grown man loses a fight to a hand which laughs like a demented chipmunk the entire time.

Bad date? Watch Christian Bale have a conversation with an ATM where the machine requests he feed it a kitten. Bale happens to be holding a kitten at the time and the play of thoughts across his face is sheer genius. Sick, twisted and hilarious.

These images never failed to bring a smile to our faces and a happy to our hearts. Many, many people women hate and despise these movies. I say, fair enough, good point. Yet this is why your special twisty friends are the ones that are hard to replace and your upright, dull ones can be bought by the dozen. Appreciating awesome horrible is just not that common of a commodity.

A tribute music video to American Psycho by musician Miles Fisher, "This Must Be The Place"

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