Monday, October 8, 2012

My brain is getting it's a** kicked

surprised cat
My first day of class
It's easy to say you want to focus on learning new shit, right up until you actually have to learn new shit and your brain explodes. I joined up with a local illustration class that I thought would be low-impact and a good way to get a project going with built in time to myself. All was good until they cancelled my class the day before it started.

Completely enraged, I signed up for a blogging class -- Blogging Your Way Boot Camp, via decor8, a popular design site – and picked up some drawing technique honing books – first up: Graphic design for non-designers. I'm a week into this new regime and I feel like my head is one giant pile of pudding that I'm trying to use as a muscle. After months of assimilating new information daily about Baby Flails-a-lot and parenting and kiddy brain development I expected my thinking machine to be a little more finely tuned. It acts like I'm trying to change Nascar lanes in a bicycle. I've been trying to coax it along with the "this will be fun!" platitudes, but it has remained stubbornly resistant to my siren song of learning.

Regardless of my brain's position on the manner, I'm firing it up with new blog shiny objects, new drawing projects and in the Spring, relaunch the card store with new amazing cards. These are the new goals.

Husband-cat, in his supportive fashion, has signed up for a Spanish class. He's always wanted to learn Spanish so he figures we should retrain our brains together. He keeps saying things like being with failure is a sign of winning (he listens to a lot of TED talks) and you learn by trying and sucking until you're awesome. Oddly these little pep talks do make me feel better. I'm mentally fitting him out with a coaching outfit for Baby Flails-a-lot's imaginary soccer league.

And now my brain can't think of anything except toddlers playing soccer badly. *Sigh* It can only get better right?

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  1. Hi There! Fellow BYW student.... I agree, my brain is tired from this learning and trying to be better! I don't have a child, but I do have a husband, and a full time job, plus am trying to finish my portfolio at a school, so I completely understand... I'm hoping it can only get better! :)

  2. I'm hoping the shock wears off after the first two weeks and we fall into the rhythm of the class. Hopefully our brain muscles just need a warm up. I'm just happy to have company. :)

    Love your post on Sibella Court - I had heard a Design Sponge podcast interview with her but had no idea who she was. Thanks for filling in the blanks.


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