Thursday, August 16, 2012

Paris in bloom

Queen of France
This trip was only my second visit to the City of Light. The last time I was there The Hub and I fought for three days straight. I remember arguing down the length of the Champs Elysee, stopping to admire the Arc de Triomphe and then resuming for the walk to Notre Dame.
Notre Dame Side
So pretty.
Fortunately we are completely brilliant at fighting so that memory is hilarious to us now. Sounds crazy, but we tend to fight intensely but fairly. Once we get to the source of our issues the fight dies a fast death and doesn't linger.
Tourists lounging at Luxembourg  Gardens
I love Paris. I didn't realize the full extent of it until out of the Metro, saw my first statue and started beaming madly. I love me some old-ass buildings and excessive statuary.
Ring around the rosy
 I don't know what's happening  here, but I bet it's dirty.
It all boils down to architecture and food, really. I love ornamental flourishes and high quality foodstuffs around every corner. And I think all doors should have giant leering faces. Who doesn't want to be greeted by a lion medallion bigger than your head every day?
Lion door
I took so many pictures of doors.

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  1. I took lots of pictures of doors (but with my mom's camera, so I haven't seen any of them) too -- in Italy. I don't know why, but I have never discovered the loveable part of Paris ... but I love me all that stuff in Italy -- especially Siena, but I have a new fondness for Venice -- in the off season when there are not so many tourists, though....

    1. I love their particular brand of architecture, much fussier than Italy, I think that's key to loving Paris. Husband-cat loves Italy for their architecture -- he's a huge fan of Fascist architecture blended with medieval and ancient ornament.


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