Thursday, July 12, 2012

Reading is fundamental

I have fond memories of Mother Magoo reading to me. She saved many of my childhood books so I have itty bitty Beatrix Potter books with teeth marks in them and dog-eared copies of Babar's adventures. I love those books so I've safely hidden them away where Baby Flails-a-lot will never find them. As it turns out, toddlers don't give a flying eff if you're trying to support their literacy or spend time with them.

Baby Flails-a-lot loves to read herself. She'll sit in the living room jabbering away at the top of her lungs while turning pages and periodically saying, "Oh!" authoritatively.

When I try to read to her she gnaws on the book
eating books
or pitches it across the room
tossing book
or dances on it.
dancing on books
Sometimes she runs away and I read aloud to an empty room.

My great victory this year is that she's only destroyed six books by chewing the spines off. Last year she was demolishing them by the truckload. We have roughly a million books so the dent isn't too great, but I wish her love of reading was a little less athletic.

When does this become fun?

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