Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Drawbacks to awesome

I know. I know. Awesome should no limit, right? Wrong. There is a limit and it is made of food.

On Sunday, Cece -- the titular Lady E of Lady E Cooks blog -- came by bearing a new experimental pastry...of awesome. We were hosting the usual post-museum outing dinner party of cheap take-out to soothe senses wildly overstimulated by the Anatolian Kilim (textiles) and Gaultier (fashion) exhibit at the De Young museum. Both exhibits were fascinating but by the end I felt like a pinata after a birthday party.

Cece kicked in the door and re-animated everyone with her amazing pastry pie-thing with an incomprehensible name (photos and background to be posted on her blog soon). Thumbs up all around on the pie-thing. Then one of my friends got a hold of my chocolate recipe book and promptly decided to make homemade pudding in my kitchen the next day. Awesome, yes? But I felt the need to make sure the larder was bare of competitors so of course I polished off the pie-thing and Husband-cat ate another pie we had laying around the house and then we both rolled to bed like the Oompa-Loompas we are.

Cut to the next day. Friend makes pudding. And meringues. And cappuccino whipped cream. All homemade. It turns out that much sugar will immediately plunge four people into diabetic comas even if they don't have diabetes. So I've barely woken long enough from my coma to tell you this: limits made of food are not made to be broken. They are made to be respected.

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