Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bring in the clowns?!

I was going to give you this whole spiel about how I love looking at antiques with Mother Magoo, how we've done it together since I was a kid, and how amazing the shopping is in Buffalo, but all I can think is "clownclownclownclownclownclown".

I was minding my own business, getting all excited over the Mickey Mouse paraphernalia when suddenly I see SNOWMAN CLOWN! He hides in plain sight, trying to look friendly with his mitten hands. I see you!

Just keep shopping, delicious humans....keep shopping....

Wheel and clown
I think the bike wheel menacing this unsettling mime puppet was a Freudian slip on the seller's part. His subconscious mind was screaming, "Run it down! Run it down!"

Little drummer clown
Only an uncouth person would think this looks like the scene of a massacre.

Clown with hat
Which is creepier, the porcelain clown face or the digitless fabric feet and hands in contrast to the face?

Sad clown face
I think this is a container. What the frig are you supposed to keep in it?! Sad clown face holds my...cyanide pills?

Ultimate clown
I don't care how many cute toys you surround this thing with, if we had a clown overlord, this would be his face.

Whatever horrible necromancy animated the creators of these dread devices still lingers in their glassy, staring eyes. They are never, ever, ever going to be bought.


  1. Sad face clown container should hold happy pills, of course.

  2. Xanax for everyone!

    Can you imagine getting cookies out of that cookie jar? "Have an oreo and an existential crisis."


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