Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Props to you, Sir and Madam!

While we were in Buffalo we stayed with my cousin and his wife and their two ridiculously cute kids. I love my cousin and his wife -- they are both teachers and amidst all the doctors, lawyers and engineers I know, they are my model of what "getting shit done" looks like. They HANDLE BUSINESS. When we first moved to Buffalo they were both working full time and going to school, real school, not soft one-class online bullshit. I think my cousin had a night job, too. Consider that they were the dedicated kind of teachers who put in twelve hours days, much of it unpaid.

When they were expecting their first kid they explained to Husband-cat and I their very sane plan to get to their next stage of advanced degrees: Go to night classes on alternate days...while working/recovering from birth/having an infant. To start like, immediately after the baby was born.

That was about the time I realized they were the most terrifyingly capable people I know. Yeah, I know tons of people who are taking care of business, but most of them are a little more (read a whole fuckload more) high-strung and high-maintenance about it. Mother Magoo's nickname for The Hub and I was "hothouse flowers" and she wasn't wrong.

Spending time with them while they weren't working/going to class/never sleeping was very inspiring, because it turns out that two kids is basically the equivalent of their earlier crazy schedule, just happier. Also, it was really nice seeing how someone else did parenthood by basically peeping over their shoulder. Both Husbad-cat and I came back stoked to try to replicate some of what they got. After we were done being violently ill, of course.

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