Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A rose by any other name...

Ah, 1963. What a time for flowers.
Vases and drawings
There is something comical to me in vintage "Right! Wrong!" illustrations. I've seen them in 1950's fashion pattern and drawing books always imagine the Head Nun punctuating the exclamation with the smack of a ruler. Wrong! Whackity whack!
Lines 3
The hand condemns you!
Lines 2
I will totally do this arrangement. All I need are pillaging Vikings to complete the centerpiece.
Viking boat arrangement
I love daffodils. I really do. I want to like this because I like the idea behind it but the reality is just so hideous.
Birdcage arrangement
They actually present this as an idea for a private home. A framed arrangement. I want to decry the ridiculousness....yet..... How amazing would you be if you pulled it off? Don't mind me and my FRAMED FLOWERS AND FRUIT! Bow down!
Frame arrangment
 Color? Irony!

Thank you, Mrs. Joyce Rogers You've made me very happy.

More photos here.

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