Monday, April 9, 2012

Back in the doghouse again

How are new parents supposed to celebrate life if leaving the house only makes us sick? Husband-cat and I apparently have the immune system of peat moss. We finally go out and see the first movie we've seen in an actual theater in over a year (we saw the first twenty minutes of Fast Five, but then were recalled due to baby hysterics) and wake up feeling like we'd been run over by one very large truck. I've been sick ever since.

The worst part was we had been on such a classy date. And by "date" I mean that my friend Ro took us out to Hunger Games, live jazz with dinner, and drinks overlooking SF. It was by far the best date we've been on in ages. As I've stated before, my friends know how to class up a joint better than anyone else on the planet. Surround yourself with funny, brilliant people who know how to do an evening and you are set for life.

So instead of a post, you are getting my favorite commercial of late:

Are you angry, Peter? You look angry.


Come to think of it, I bet peat moss has an amazing healing properties. Stupid moss.

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