Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random Thursday

Still busy being ill. Baby Flails-a-lot has decided to join the party. ("Nursing makes babies immune!" My ass.) A sick toddler is quite possibly the most disgusting thing on the planet. Her nose runs non-stop and she has to mouth breathe so there's drool and nose effluvium everywhere.

Poor Baby Flails-a-lot hates it, she looks at me like, "WTF?! Why can't I breathe? Why is this shiny stuff on everything I touch?" Welcome to illness, child o' mine. I keep telling her when she gets older she can have ice cream -- I've eaten six pints since Friday -- but she just wipes her face on me and goes off to slime up her toys.

Today's random cheerful counterpoint to my woe.

And now you're hungry too.

(Can we all agree PES is a genius? Yes? Good.)

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