Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I blame Design Sponge for everything

It all started with the Design Sponge and their post Pom pom parade. Pom pom curtains and tassel pillows?! Are you kidding me? Suddenly I'm all over Anthropologie's pretentious "House & Home" section, zooming in as close as I can get and pasting images to my DIY Pinterest board.
Toorie Curtains

Next thing I know I'm in an obsessive Pinterest spiral, madly hunting pom poms in all forms and colors until I'm completely visually exhausted.
Eeeeeeee, yellow!

Totally overstimulated, I pass out. It may have been crazy late and I may have had the ipad clutched in my hands like a crazy lady clutches cats. Who knows?

As I dream my kaleidoscope dreams, I have an epic brain wave. Pom pom books! While it is highly doubtful I'll have time for a large scale do-it-yourself project -- there's a reason my pinterest board is entitled "DIY Wannabe" -- I have sketchbooks of varying sizes that could use some adornment. Because really, what's more boring than a pebbled, matte black book?

So you take
Pom Pom Book DIY supplies
This glue is my new best friend. Screw you duct tape!
Add some clips and a compulsive need for everything to be aligned perfectly (more clips! I need clips here!)
Pom Pom Book DIY corner
There's multiple clips you can't see.
And voila!
Pom Pom Book DIY side
Gaudi cat approves.
Pom Pom Book DIY flat
Hey sexy, how you doin'?
Pom Pom Book DIY standing
In my head, he's saying, "Ladies..." (why is my sketchbook male?)
I realize there are way too many pictures in this post but apparently I am a terrible photographer. I wait until the darkest hours of the day to shoot and then take multiple sets. Reflective surface? Terrible. Multiple light sources? Not a good idea. Taking pictures in the middle of night? Um, focus much? Candles? Don't burn the book! Bang head against table? Excellent. Wait, I need to go to bed.

Pom Pom Book DIY cat
From session 2? 3? Horrid brown-not a great backdrop. Whatever. The Mandy is glaring at the pom poms.
I am rewarding myself for finishing this project by posting AS MANY PICTURES AS I WANT. Ha! Take that!

Good Day to you, Sir! (Or Madam)

I said Good Day!

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  1. Just wait til the little girl decides she would like those pom-poms for herself... that ought to make a good picture, too!

    I am not a fan of the pom pom or fringe... but, too each his own

  2. I want to keep it as the sole adornment so it stays modern. I love kitsch on print, not in my home. Baby Flails-a-lot hasn't noticed yet, thank god.


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