Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How much do I like to show off? A lot.

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The party for Baby Flails-a-lot first year was on and popping!

House of amazing cleanness, kick-ass food by Cece (aka the titular Lady of Lady E Cooks blog) and wonderful friends and family. We now have more books, toys, and clothes than we know what to do with and Baby Flails-a-lot is in heaven banging all her new stuff together.

Best of all, my baby is a performing genius! As everyone was leaving and saying the baby version of good-bye (as you do when kids are around) she looked at the sea of faces and said clearly and distinctly, "Buh-bye" A silence fell. We all looked at each other. Had she just said her first intentional words? Not just general opinion jabbering or the elongated Mammamamamama and Dadadadada she kind of delineates us from the rest of the world with?

Everyone got all excited and started saying it again and waving and Baby Flails-a-lot paused, smiled, and said, "Buh-bye!" Do you know how insanely endearing that is?! Can you contemplate the magnificence? My baby said her first words in a room full of people at a party devoted to celebrating HER. That's what I am motherfucking talking about! Boom goes the dynamite!

Happy first birthday, Biscuit. Mommy thinks you're a fucking genius.

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