Thursday, January 12, 2012

Leave the gun, take the cannoli

Heed The Godfather. Take only food with you, not material objects of an incriminating nature. If I had listened I wouldn't have a basement of shit that attacks me every time I do laundry.....which is ALL THE TIME.

Our basement is 50% Mother Magoo's crap, 25% crap we're actually using and 50% our crap.Oh, that adds up to more than 100%, you say? Shut up. There's so much down there it distorts the laws of physics and statistics.

our stuff part one
If you remember, it began innocently enough, I had a ton of stuff and Husband-cat had nothing. Now "we" have furniture, I still have a ton of stuff and Husband-cat is up to five boxes. But I worked and I worked. Garage sales, give-aways, goodwill, trash, I've done it all.
our stuff part two
Then our little flailing, attitudinal miracle occurred, sleep as I know it ended and now we're here:
our stuff part three
Moral of the story? If you ever even contemplate having a child throw everything you own away. They need the room.

And always listen to The Godfather.

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