Monday, December 12, 2011

Son of a .....!

Overprivileged suckage. That is my life right now.

In attempting to update my stupid iPad I bungled something and now my back up has disappeared. The "genius" bar at the Apple store couldn't fucking fix it so tomorrow will be me begging Apple's PC division of customer service to try and help me. If they can't I'm out hundreds of pictures of our trip to see my family in Polynesia and our layover in Korea. Did I mention its my fault?

Baby Flails-a-lot is developing at such a rapid pace her limbs spasmodically twitch while she's asleep, waking her up. She'd probably be able to go back to sleep but for the teeth that seem to breaking through her gums at an unnecessary rate - one last week, one this week.

The Hub is on early morning calls with Europeans so night duty is all me. My luxurious seven hours of the sleep is breaking into two hour chunks, not quite so restful. Damn those well-dressed Euro trash bastards.

We finally got a check from our main client. Only three months late. If we ever get the other two, we might be able to get out of the hole we dug waiting for them to get on the damn ball.

Last but not least, my body is full freak out mode. My back hurts, my wrists hurt. The only time I don't feel a billion years old is in the boiling hot showers I take every day to keep old man winter away. Unfortunately application of said hot water is making my skin look a hundred years old. I either feel a billion or look a hundred. Not great either way.

And I can't drink because certain gigantic headed babies are still nursing.

Damn it.

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