Thursday, December 15, 2011

My secret vice

I have a confession. I love certain types of 1970's over-the-top interiors. My mental map of beauty includes a deep valley of tacky made up entirely of primary colors and oversized geometric shapes.

No, you can't have too much black and white. Why do you ask?
Wow. The couch backs can be removed and fitted to the seats to make giant cubes. How....handy?
It's a couch / bed for people who hate guests.
That touch of green on the back wall really brings out the red.
Bizarre lights, freaky-ass clown picture, weird color tones in wall paint - what's not to like?
I love this couch. I bet it is a torture device to sit in, but I love it anyway.
(All images Better Home and Gardens Decorating Book (1975) via Tiny Palpitations Flickr stream - search by book name)

Baby Flails-a-lot is very lucky she got away with only a turquoise nursery.

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