Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hidey ho, neighbor. Buy some stuff!

It's that time again. We've been back in town two seconds, we're completely exhausted, so clearly it's time for a garage sale. Where's my flashlight and my coffee?!

Actually, I'm just looking to augment our current garage full of sale items. Seriously, it's like a store in there. Price tags and everything. Yet somehow our full sized basement is still stuffed with boxes. Mom has one side of the basement, we have the other. However, she had a fucking house, while this rental is our first time beyond a one bedroom. And let's be honest, the "we" is really me. Of the fifty non-furniture boxes on our side, forty-five are mine.

How did I end up with so many possessions, you ask? So many reasons.
  1. I'm a recovering pile procrastinator. In the past, I would postpone tasks for when I had time (ha ha) and everything would end up in a box never to be seen again. 
  2. I'm a book addict. No one needs as many books as I have. They make up an unnaturally large percentage of the boxes. 
  3. Did I mention I moved a lot over the last decade? Do that and you will end up with boxes you haven't seen since you packed them three moves ago. Law of the U-Haul. 
  4. Add to all that winter clothes from Buffalo, pre-pregnancy clothes, baby clothes Baby Flails-a-lot sheds like skin cells, and the normal detritus of the newly settled (hitched four years!) and you have a mind-bogglingly large number of boxes.
When Husband-cat and I moved in together (lo, those many years ago) our box discrepancy first became apparent. He had a box of files, a box of miscellaneous books and tchotchkes (half full), stereo, desk, bed. That's it. I distinctly remember looking upon him with the young dewy eyes of love and hating him, just a little bit. I think of that moment every time I go down to the basement.

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  1. yeah... I hope some of those boxes that haven't been opened in the last three moves are going to end up in the garage sale...and then everything that doesn't sell goes to freecycle...declutter!!


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