Friday, September 9, 2011

Victory rant!

2010 taxes done! My hands feel like they're gonna fall off, but I did it. I will celebrate my victory with a rant. Baby Flails-a-lot has become a crazy person, and I do not appreciate it. I am used to her being a Devourer of Worlds when she goes though growth spurts, but after she finished her last spurt she JUST KEPT EATING and *blammo* turned into Energy-a-tron 3000!

Yep, Baby Flails-a-lot has suddenly discovered the secret of having ALL THE ENERGY IN THE WORLD. It's like living with Iron Man, the baby version. She can't crawl yet, but she can whirl about, lean, and lunge headfirst with the best of them. When we're in new environments her head swivels around constantly, taking everything in. She can grab anything even remotely near her, and if there's nothing to grab she gets bored in a hot second.

Take today for instance. She spent all her waking hours hell raising. She bounced off the walls, chewed her playmat, and beat the stuffing out of me while I was burping her. Her little claws drew blood from both her parents. We were so exhausted by the time she went to sleep that I haven't even cut them. I just wanted her down and peaceful, like a sleeping bear.

The only reason we're awake is to eat and blog. Another day in the life of a new parent...

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